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no reason at all!! [18 Jun 2005|03:22am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i have no real reason as to why im putting this song on my journal right now...it might be cause im listening to it...or it might not be...but anyway...this one's called stella was a diver and she's always down...

when she walks down the street, she knows theres people watching.
the building fronts are just fronts, to hide the people watching...her.
she once fell thru the street, down a manhole in that bad way.
the underground drip, is just like her scuba days.
daze, days, daze, days, daze.
she was alrite, cause the sea was so airtight, she broke away.
she was alrite, cause the sea was so airtight, she broke away.
she was alrite, but she cant come out tonite, she broke away.
she was alrite cause the sea was so tight, airtight. she broke away, broke away.
bottom of the ocean she dwells, bottom of the ocean she dwells.
crevices caressed by fingers, and that blue serpent swells.
stella, stella! oh, stella.
stella, i love you. stella, i love you. stella, i love you.
she was alrite, cause the sea was so airtight, she broke away.
she was alrite, cause the sea was so airtight, she broke away.
she was alrite, but she cant come out tonite, she broke away, broke away. she broke away...
oh shes my catatonic sex toy, love-joy, diver.
well shes my catatonic sex toy, love-joy diver.
she went down down down there into the sea.
and she goes down down down there, down there for me, well right on.
oh yeah.
right on.
so good.
oh yeah.
right on.
so good.
oh yeah.
theres something thats invisible, theres somethings you cant hide.
try detect you when youre sleeping, in a wave you say goodbye.
theres something thats invisible, theres somethings you cant hide.
try detect you when youre sleeping, in a wave you say goodbye.
---- interpol...

and as for my question of the night...in your opinion...what do you think this song is about?? lol, any ideas?? hmmm.. well take care my friends....


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one day this chalk outline will circle this city... [08 Jun 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | excited... ]

"Clipside of the pinkeye flight
I'm not the percent you think survives
I need sanctuary in the pages of this book
Gestating with all the other rats
Nurse said that my skin will need a graft
I am of pockmarked shapes
The vermin you need to loathe" -- son et lumiere -- the mars volta

whats up kids??! just want to tell you that i will be at the mars volta show tonite, bitches!! hehe, just playing...3 hours and counting!! me, jon, daniel and cesar all say hello, and i will put some pics of the show as soon as i get home...i hope they let camera's in...cause if they don't...someone's getting fucked up. lol. ah well, i guess that's all i've got for now.

here's my question...since im going to a concert tonite...what has been your favorite concert that youve ever been to?? for me...its either the last time i saw the strokes last march...or...the first time i saw interpol in february.

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failing can be quite a breeze... [01 Jun 2005|06:13pm]
[ mood | careless...completely careless ]

"the atlantic was born today, and i'll tell you how.
the clouds above opened up and let it out.
i was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere when the water filled every hole.
and thousands upon thousands made an ocean making islands where no islands should go. oh no.

most people were overjoyed, they took to their boats.
i thought it less like a lake, and more like a moat.
the rhythm of my footsteps crossing flatlands to your door have been silenced forevermore.
the distance is quite simply much too far for me to row, it seems farther than ever before. oh no.

i need so much closer. i need you so much closer. i need you so much closer. i need you so much closer. i need you so much closer. i need you so much closer. i need you do much closer.

so come on..." -- death cab for cutie, transatlanticism. what a great song. i wish i could come up with something 1/4 as good as that. but i cant.

but anyway...how is everyone doing? i'm doing ok, i guess. ive felt better i must say. but i thought id update since i havent in a while and because im leaving to dallas in a couple hours. yup, dallas til monday. im gonna see my cousin graduate and all this other fun stuff that im not really looking forward to. but, im also gonna go to san antonio before to finally sign the lease to my apartment. ah, yes, im really leaving. and i cant fucking wait. i need to get out of here, and i need to get out of here as fast as possible. i know it just started, but i wish the summer was over. ive never really liked the summer anyway, its too hot.

so far, my summer has been ok i guess. we actually played some music in front of a small crowd. just the new covers weve learned by interpol. we played very well actually, the set list was untitled, obstacle 1, not even jail, evil, narc, slow hands and PDA. my favorite was "not even jail", i think we did an excellent job. but other than that, i havent done too much of anything this summer, ive gone to a couple graduations, eastwood and franklins, congrats to all the grads. its a very exciting time for them!! i would know. but yea, a couple of graduation parties which were fun. i felt a little out of place, but i always feel out of place, regardless of where i am. lol. just playing! so what else?? hmm, the mars volta show is next wednesday and i must im very excited, ive been listening to their cd's a lot lately and im looking forward to the show very much. and i have an extra ticket if anyone is interested! 20 bucks! thats less than i paid, so its a steal if you ask me!! hmmm, what else what else???? i guess thats all i got for now, now i must leave and take a shower and get ready for my trip. hope everyone has a good weekend, and now let me think of a question...if you could describe yourself in 3 words or less, what would they be??? hmm, thats all i got. take care everyone.

you win, i lose. im done. i quit. i give in. why try? its only the first step towards failure.

lol, greatnite.

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if i'd only thought of something charming to say... [16 May 2005|12:55pm]
[ mood | creative ]

"we steps into the bedroom, babe, you know me and this is alrite. holdings we'll make soon will sustain us through the night. inside my bedroom, baby, touch me, oh tonight. poses we'll make soon will reveal our sense of right. you should be in my space! you should be in my life! you should be in my space! you should be in my life! you could be in my space!"

hey kids. well, im on summer break now. excellent. 3 months of doing absolutely nothing. ah, i cant wait. so ive been on break for about 2 weeks now and ive just been chillin to the max. nothing really to update on there. i will be taking a couple trips this summer though. first, this coming weekend, me, ryan, mando, brad and cesar will be going to ruidoso to see dana, ryan's sister, get married. very cool. then in early june, i'll be going to san antonio and dallas, san antonio to pay for my apartment and dallas to watch my cousin graduate from medical school. very cool as well. but then the coolest trip, which is still up in the air. is july 2nd to las vegas to see weezer and the red hot chili peppers for free. niiiice. but i still dont know if i can go to that one, but we'll see. so yea, thats whats going on in the life of mario. everything is alrite. i got my grades for this semester too! and i must say i was very pleased.
Writing for the mass Media - B
Sociology - B
Astronomy - A

and those are my grades. thats my second straight semester with a 3.5 for the semester! niice. im very proud of myself, and my overall gpa right now is 3.37. lets hope i can keep that up in san antonio!
well thats all i got for now. question of the day...what is your best quality? whether you think its physical, or psychological, spiritual, lol, whatever! i promise not to think you're conceited. so yeah, have fun with that.


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words of wisdom, from your tyrant... [04 May 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well tomorrow is my last test that i will ever take at the tep!! and ill probably miss it a little bit. but then its the summer time! rejoice.

well, ive read this on everyone's journal tonite, so just do it!!!! enjoy

1.)Have i ever done anything to make your day?

2.)Have i ever done anything to make you have a bad day?

3.)When someone says my name what do you think of?

4.)And last ......what do i mean to you?

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being young and beautiful, in love with no one...but yourself... [25 Apr 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

"...and im looking through the glass,
where the light bends at the cracks.
and im screaming at the top of my lungs,
pretending the echoes belong to someone...
somone i used to know.
and we become...silhouettes when our bodies finally go." -- the postal service.

hello, hello. what the hell is up everyone!? well i'm here, doing nothing, not wanting to go to sleep yet, so ill update. not much has happened recently, let me try and fill you in. well first of all, two weeks ago i got into some serious trouble with my parents! but i dont really want to talk about it, lol, it was pretty bad. lets just say my mom told me i wouldnt be moving to san antonio after all, even tho she already took that back and is letting me go, of course. speaking of san antonio, i am completely registered and have my classes ready to go and my schedule goes as follows for anyone who cares...
on mondays, wednesdays and fridays i have foundations of communication at 10 am and u.s. history at 12 00 pm!

and then on tuesdays and thursdays i have intro to communications at 9 30, introductory macroeconomics at 11 00 and intro to communication technologies at 5 30 pm! thats fuckin late, but oh well, that was the only available time. so, im completely ready to go now and i cant fuckin wait. thats all im looking forward to. to live by myself and bring random girls home every night!! lol, im only playing! you all know me better than that. hehe.

let me see...school. well we have 3 normal days left and then its over, but then we have finals next week. but its pretty much over and i can almost sigh in relief. but there are still some important things to do before the semester ends, but i got it all under control. and then...its summer time. lol and according to brad, it will be the summer of B RAD! lol, cause he'll be 21 on june 7th and then thats when all hell breaks loose. massive parties and drunken nights and random girls for brad! right on man, right on! i cant wait for the summer and the 100+ degree weather, ahhh, so great. i cant believe im already finishing my second year in college, damn!! it feels like ive been out of high school for 5 years now, its amazing. lol.

ok, what else can my stupid ass update on...well this weekend was pretty fun. on thursday we ate at cheddars (me, jon, roy, charley and cesar) and that was it. oh yea, and we saw the oc of course, and it was tight as always. death cab for cutie was on and they are becoming one of my fav's. and then on friday, me, jon, amanda, gyna, karla, mike and cesar went to see fever pitch and i actually liked it very much. lol, and i have to mention how amanda though that the star wars trailer was a trailer for lord of the rings...oh boy was that funny! sorry mandy, but i had to put that, that was hilarious! but all in all it was a fun night. i really enjoyed the movie, cause i really love's my baseball. and then we called it a night after that and on saturday...we umm, played music...horribly, then we went to daniels house for some halo, and then to my buddy hugo's house to get our drink on and reminisce on the good ole' days. you know...high school! lol. but yea, i actually had a lot of fun, just chatting with some buddies, good times.
and that was my boring, well not too boring weekend.

as for my love life, which i know all of you are dying to hear about, lol, its the same its been for a while now. i think my effort is going into the wrong people. people i continually tell myself are worth the effort! but i really wonder if they are or not...hmmmm, but we'll see how that goes. there must be someone out there for me, right?? right?? please tell there is. damn. but oh well, im trying to keep my head up and remain optimistic, as hard as that is for me. things will eventually fall into place.
but anyway thats all i got for tonite...now its time for the question...lol, ok this may get harsh, but oh well, i asked for it. answer if you want, but...what is your opinion of me? your honest opinion. dont hold back, lol, and remember, you can be anonymous, so you can go crazy. just dont get too mean! please. and...here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure...you know, just to follow the trend. ok well the pictures didnt work, but ill keep trying. lol, but for now, pretend like youre looking at cool pictures.

title or description
this is cesar giving a great john mayer impersonation...
title or description
this is jon chillin with my dawg cici...

title or description
this is me and brad-o looking fucking cool (also in A town)

title or description
this is roy looking dope in my fedora...
title or description
this one is just really funny to me, lol. ay cesar.
and thats it!

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sweetheart you'll find...that mediocre people do exceptional things all the time! [11 Apr 2005|10:46pm]
[ mood | fuckin' cool... ]

"i've seen the silence grow between us and not make this sound so hard, but all my troubles and my justice fades on such cold steel. i made up that story to change your mind. i could have been somebody but now i'm me this time." -- pete yorn

hi everyone. how is everyone doing? good i hope. so i've been feeling pretty good lately, i just finished this long week of tests and what not and my weekend was actually pretty fun. well on thursday i watched the o.c., then we went to jon's house, then we went to starbucks, mmm i could go for some starbucks right about now! for real. mmmm, chai!! but then we went to daniels and of course, played some halo. it was cool. then on friday, me, charley, cesar, roy and jon headed south of the border to reno's. i guess it was pretty cool, i had the best drink of my life that night. i have no idea what its called, but it has hpnotiq (that might be misspelled), malibu, pineapple juice and lime juice. oh my god was it good! i dont know what its called, but if you find yourself at reno's one night, you have to try this drink. lol, its unbelieveable! but let me see, did anything interesting happen during our night? umm, nah i dont think so. it was pretty empty that night and we called it a night pretty early. on the way back tho, there was some girl screaming so loud saying that she couldnt even walk and how her dad was going to hit her. lol, i thought it was pretty funny, but thats what you get when you drink that much. being the good samaritans that they are thought, roy and cesar offered to help. we ended up just leaving her tho, some guy carried her over the bridge. poor girl.

then on saturday, we played music like at 12 o clock. thats the earliest weve ever played! lol, i wasnt even showered. but we played very good actually. you guys have to see us! when we have a singer of course. but now were learning some new songs. were learning "the bucket" and "king of the rodeo" by the kings of leon! nice. any songs youd like us to learn??? hmm, thatd be pretty cool, we'll take some requests. then later on, on saturday, we went to cesar's uncles house. me, jon, jimmy and cesar that is. it was a lot of fun. i lost 5 dollars to jimmy on the fight! not so nice. but it was fun. then we left and to daniels for some halo! lol, then shorty and jasmine went over! that was really cool. we finally hung out jazmo! lol, then we went to my buddy joe's apartment. and that was really cool. we played some domino's, then chilled and we started having this in depth conversation about what happens after life and if God really exists! lol, it was very insightful stuff. then i just went home after that.

then on sunday, it was a really lazy day. i didnt do much of anything. went to eat, then stayed home all day and semi studied for my sociology test! but it was channing's 18th birthday! very nice. hope it was a good one, and i still have to give you your gift! its not much, but oh well. and thats really all i did on sunday. pretty lame, i know!
and well now its monday! i hate mondays. but i only have 3 weeks of fuckin school left!! its amazing. and everyday that passes, i get a little more excited about leaving. hmm, what else? what else? oh yea, me and danny are gonna check out the MARS VOLTA on june 8th, so now i have something to look forward to for that day! lol. it should be a lot of fun. everyone should go. oh yea, and on a sidenote, i have to go danny's music box sometime this week to keep a promise i made! lol, but i cant say why just yet! but ill tell you how that goes.

but i guess thats all i got, now, so here is the mothertruckin' question of the night. well, its not really a question, but you get the idea. name something that makes you happy. it could be anything, even a person. ooooooh snap! lol, well have fun kids. much love!


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these things take forever, i especially am slow... [03 Apr 2005|04:18pm]
[ mood | restless ]

"so i will find my fears and face them.
or i will cower like a dog. i will kick and
scream or kneel and plead. i'll fight like
hell to hide that i have given up." - bright eyes

hello everyone. i hope everyone had a good weekend and im here with some free time so i figured id write an entry. well this turned out being quite an interesting weekend for myself. it didnt start out too promising, but it ended up being fun. let me see, on thursday we just kicked it at daniels crib, i dont think we did anything else. i cant even remember. but then on friday, i didnt do much of anything til krystal calls me and tell me that joe "jimineeeez" is having a get together at his apartment. i was stoked about going cause i hadnt seen him in ages. so we went to his "40" party and just kicked it there for the majority of the night. a lot of fun. then yesterday, me, jon, amanda, cesar and gina went to JUAREZ! no no, not to party, to go eat actually. we went at around 5 o'clock to eat at "shangri la". it was da-bomb to say the least. it was delicious. but we hung out there for a while, then came back to the states. then we went to jon's house and hung out there for an hour or so, then went to starbucks! i bet youll never, ever guess what i got! but yea, afterward, we headed over to daniels, where jon's little brothers met us up to play halo. lol, josh, jon's little brother was talking a lot of mess before we played, but we beat him. yup, thats right. then i just went home and decided to call it a night. and thats another weekend in the life of mario.

what else can i update on?? hmm, new music!! let me see, i just bought the bright eyes cd, "im wide awake, its morning" and its unbelievable. its really one of the better ones ive heard in a while. if youre into emo, with a little bit of country and folk, and throw a little love in there then you will seriously love this cd. i highly, highly recommend it. the tracks that standout most to me are "at the bottom of everything", "lua", and "first day of my life". wow, great songs. let me see, oh yea...eeee, i also got my chemical romance's cd "3 cheers for sweet revenge". lol, which i know is weird. its not something id usually want to buy, but what can i say, its catchy!! and the cd is pretty good, ill admit it. its something different, so ill accept it. and i still need to get the bravery cd! ive already heard it all and it lives up to the hype. its really good. so cd's to get right now...the bravery "the bravery", bright eyes "im wide awake, its morning", kings of leon "aha shake heartbreak" and the mars volta "frances the mute". you wont be disappointed. unless youre not into this music, lol. but oh well.

and school...well its ok. this week is going to be a biotch. test on tuesday, test on thursday, test next monday, papers galore...its gonna fucking suck, thats all i can say. but no worries, its almost over. thank goodness.

hmmm, i guess thats all i got. more has happened lately, but i wont get into detail. ive seen some people recently that i hadnt seen in a while, which was really great. but yea...let me see...if i can think of a question...is there a certain song lyric that reminds you of the one you love, or the one you have a crush on, or just a friend, or of a certain time of your life? if so, whos the person and whats the lyrics. remember, you can post anonymously...


oh yea, and if you like my new journal format you can give props to jasmine!! it looks good, right?? very nice jasmine. thanks again, youre the greatest! :)

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i am finally seeing...that i was the one worth leaving. [26 Mar 2005|12:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

"It took a lifespan, with no cell mate to find the long way back! sandy, why cant we look the other way? youre weightless, semi-erotic, you need someone to take you there! sandy, why cant we look the other way? why cant we just play the other game? why cant we just look the other way!?" -- InterPol

well hello, i think its time for another entry. so its saturday, and my spring break is almost over, but atleast i can say that i had a productive one. i ended up going to san antonio and it appears that i am going to be leaving...niiiiiice. my mom, sis and i went to san antonio to look for an apartment for myself and we ended up finding one. the complex is called chase hill apartments for all of those that care to visit me someday. but its still not 100% sure, so ill say its 93% just to not jinx myself, you know? but yea, i also got to see the school, its really nice. i liked it and the people seemed really nice. my mom and sister loved the town too so theyre stoked about having me go there. i can only imagine how cool it will be to have my own place. the only setback is that ill be completely alone. ill only a couple people in that town and then of course austin is about an hour and fifteen minutes so ill probably go over there quite a bit to visit my buddies. i also promised b rad that if i do go that ill go to college station to watch a football game, so that should be exciting, but thats really far away. but its excting and im excited. other than the trip, my spring break has been pretty good. im still tired from all the driving we did yesterday but i still managed to hang out with my buddies and go do some bowling and play some halo. lol. damn, were awesome, huh? oh yea, and on a side note, i got an ipod mini! yessss! ive been wanting one since the beginning of time, i swear. lol, ah i dont know what else to write. well school...it feels like i havent been there for months. but i have some serious projects due pretty soon so i better get started on those.
hmmm, and as for today, i think im gonna play some music, you should really come watch us...really. then probably eat with the fam, i guess. and then tomorrow is easter sunday so probably just kick it with the fam and friends. hope everyone has a good easter! take care.
greatnite. and now, for my finale, im gonna steal things from other journals! hahaha. first, for my question that isnt really a question...leave me an anonymous comment! ha, i got that from jasmine. good call jazmo. leave me a secret, or a story, or a compliment, or a put down if you'd like, or who your crush is, or if you have a secret identity! just remain anonymous! lol. or....your other option, that i stole from celeste's journal is this...

alrite, have fun kids.

» I died:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:

» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Family:

» Be my friend?:
» Lie to make me feel better?:
» Spread rumors about me?:
» Keep a secret if I told you one?:
» Loan me some cash?:
» Hold my hand?:
» Take a bullet for me?:
» Keep in touch?:
» Try and solve my problems?:
» Love me?:
» Date me?:

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i want to be forgotten...and i dont want to be reminded. [21 Mar 2005|02:49am]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

hi kids! well, its finally my spring break.
that sucks that mine was after everyone else's.
what kind of shit is that? but oh well, at least i dont have school this week.
well, i havent updated in a while but not a whole lot has happened since my last update.
well, the most important thing. i guess, is that im single again but thats really all i want to say about that. it wasnt a bad break up, there are no hard feelings and everything is ok. but anywho, on more sad news, my moving to san antonio has gone from a for sure thing to a not so fast! from like 97% to maybe like 52% or so. i got some sad news that my buddy jon more than likely wont be able to go. so now i guess ill just have to look for an apartment for myself, which im fine with but my parents arent exactly ok with that. but they dont understand how much i want to move. if i dont leave now, after all this commotion ive made, ill be dissapointed beyond the point of repair. ah, i dont even want to think about not leaving! ah, that depresses me. but i guess everything happens for a reason and everything will turn out as its supposed to. or will it?? fuck. who knows. but enough about that before i get more sad.

on a lighter note, my last week was pretty fuckin rad. i spent it with my friends that came in from out of town. and i actually stayed out pretty late each nite, which is pretty amazing. on thursday, i played hooky and missed my last class to go watch utep play utah in the ncaa tournament. and of course, they lost! lol, ah even more sad news. they were so damn close too. we then proceeded to go south of the border to get our drink on. it was safe, clean fun. we all left the club happier than we arrived, lets just put it that way. lol. ah then, friday we played music, we fuckin sucked. ive never messed up more than that day. then we went to see the ring 2, which unfortunately, was not as good as the first. ah, im realizing more and more than this last week has pretty much sucked for me. then saturday, brad, ryan and i went to sunland and ran into a lot of eastwood people. many people who probably didnt know me, but i remembered them. then we went to miner village for justin's birthday party which was pretty cool. didnt stay long tho. in and out! then today, we went bowling, it was fun, i lost! lol. ah, it can only get better from here, i know it. i feel like ive done some serious backtracking in my life lately. im single, i might not be moving! shit. i hope this isnt a sign of things to come.

my plans for spring break are actually still to go to san antonio, but i dont even know if i want to go, im feeling so pessimistic right now, its not even funny. this is exactly why im never, ever, optimistic. the second that i start to get optimistic, shit starts to go astray. things start going wrong. thats why i live my life in a pessimistic bubble, its so much better that way. i expect nothing, thats why when something good actually does happen, im pleasantly surprised. but yea, hopefully things start looking up soon. even school has me stressed, i mean, my grades are good but ive missed a couple classes so im starting to stress. everything seems to be against me right now. damn. but anyway, back to my spring break...im going to san antonio to look at the apartments still and then to register, so i guess that should be an ok time. i guess. thats really all i have planned. ill be gone til friday, hopefully ill come back with good news. wait, thats being optimistic! nevermind.

as for my love life, well, its only been weeks since the breakup, so nothing really new there. its back to the "old drawing board" for me. well i guess thats it. its 3 17 in the AM and its time for me to go. well i hope everything is doing better than me, which cant be too hard. now let me think of a dang question...lol, ok i got one...if i do end up leaving...will you miss me??

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what will be will be...and so it goes... [09 Mar 2005|01:24am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

hey kiddo's. nope, no update yet, but i promise next time i will. but i'll leave you with a song and a question tonight. enjoy...

Not talkin' 'bout a year
No not three or four
I don't want that kind of forever
In my life anymore
Forever always seems
to be around when it begins
but forever never seems
to be around when it ends
So give me your forever
Please your forever
Not a day less will do From you

People spend so much time
Every single day
Runnin' 'round all over town
Givin' their forever away
But no not me
I won't let my forever roam
and now I hope I can find
my forever a home
So give me your forever
Please your forever
Not a day less will do
From you

Like a handless clock with numbers
An infinite of time
No not the forever found
Only in the mind
Forever always seems
to be around when things begin
but forever never seems
to be around when things end
So give me your forever
Please your forever
Not a day less will do
From you -- Ben Harper

and as for the question of the night, this is all i have...if you could relive 3 days of your life, but only from the last 4 years, which days would they be and why?? go crazy...


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control me, console me, cause that's just how it should be done... [06 Mar 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

well hello, i don't really care to update right now, but i was bored. so i'll just ask the question of the nite...answer it if you want. don't answer it if you don't. hmm, what does love mean to you? or what is your defintion of love?

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i'm back and better than ever. [28 Feb 2005|11:17am]
[ mood | nostalgic and loving it. ]

"oh my love we're sailing to Norway. oh my love, we're leaving tonite."

Pictures from last week...

dont mind my ugliness!!! just admire the band!! lol

title or description
i got this autographed by the whole band!!
title or description
this is me and PAUL BANKS!!
title or description
me and Carlos D
title or description
me and daniel kessler!!
title or description
this is paul smoking a ciggarette.
title or description daniel K. rocking out. i got some good pics of him cause i was right in front of him but not so much from the rest of the band.
title or description daniel k. again.
title or description this is a good one of the whole band.
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alrite so those are the pictures...

here is the review of the week.
tuesday: we just spent the entire day driving, cesar and i and we didnt get into austin til about 2 A.M. and we were dead tired.
Wednesday: cesar and i woke up and went to freebird's! man, those burritos are the very best. we went there twice that week. then we picked up meli and went back to the apartment and then went off to the show. it was awesome as you can see.
thursday: me, cesar and melissa went to college station to pick up B RAD and then we ate at a little pizza place there, it was really good. the campus is really nice but the town is just too small, i dont think i could go there. then we went to see the secret machines back in austin which turned out to be a very good show. we also saw the real world house cause the next season is in austin! which was really cool, we wanted to be on the show really bad.
friday: we went to freebird's again, then we went to urban outfitters to do some shoppin', then we took a long ass nap til like 9, then we went to the hula hut to eat again, very good indeed. then we went back to the apt. to do a little drinking.lol, and two of my friends ended up hooking up. love was certainly in the air. lol.
and saturday i woke up feeling like shit so we just lounged for half the day. then we went to the mall but all i got was a cinnabon. then we went home and then to eat again at hooters, and the waitress asked me to try and make a basket so she could go home early and i straight missed both times, so she had to stay til 2 AM. im sorry amy. my bad. lol, but its cause i was sick! then we went back to the apartment, watched some family guy and crashed and my two friends hooked up again!! lol. i wont mention names unless you ask, then ill mention names. lol. well i guess thats it for my week, on sunday we just drove back and now its back to stupid reality. aahhhhhhh, oh well. hope everyone had a great week. peace out bitches. ill post more pics from my trip on my next entry.

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i'm so excited and i just can't hide it! [21 Feb 2005|11:43am]
[ mood | hyper ]

"no alarms and no surprises." -- radiohead

well hello!! how is everyone doing? good, i hope. so its been a while since ive updated, so i thought id update before i go to school today. let me see, what have i been up of late?? well last week was valentine's day and mine was great. lol, amanda and i ordered smiley's pizza and watched sweet november. now that was fun. amanda got me some nice gifts that i didnt even deserve! but thank you babe! i greatly, greatly appreciate it. buuuuut, i baked her a cake, well my mom baked her a cake but i helped!! which actually turned out really good. so props to my mom. then the day after, which just happened to be one month since amanda and i started going out, i went to her house to watch the notebook and eat some ramen noodles, very romantic, i know. it was actually a really good chick flick, it ALMOST brought one single tear to my eye. no, not really, but it was good.

oh and i got a really funny story from 2 saturday's ago. so we went to juarez for lily's birthday, more specifically to the club FOUR. It was a lot of fun actually, i took cesar and jon along so i wouldnt feel too out of place, but i still kinda felt weird. there were so many high schoolers there, i felt like i didnt belong there, but it was still fun. we even saw jimmy, jon's little brother there, which was pretty damn funny to me, i dont know why. but anyway, so cesar, jon and i order a bottle of whiskey that cost us a cool 80 dollars, right?? so we order it and offer people some and everything was cool, but when people we didnt even offer any to started drinking out of it and not pitching in we got a little upset. we asked them to chip in, and they were like yea, we'll give you 3 bucks and we were just like damn, i dont know. so ultimately, me, jon and cesar decided to not pay for our bottle and we decided to just leave. As soon as we get in the car, lily's boyfriend calls asking why we didnt pay and amanda tried to lie for us. ay, i felt so bad for you babe!! it wasnt her fault at all, but she tried to cover up. but anyway, when they called we were already almost crossing back into the states but we felt bad so we decided to drive back and give them money, but we had to wait to cross back and then cross into mexico, again. lol. we went back, went to the club and jon and i ended up paying about 130 bucks worth of drink, some of which wasnt even ours, but everyone was out of money so we had to put more than necessary. but everything was cool, other than the fact that amanda's friends probably hate us, but hey, im sorry. no hard feeling i hope. lol. so yea, that was 2 saturday's ago. a lot of fun.

as for this weekend, on friday, we played music again and we learned 3 new interpol songs and they sound fuckin cool. we learned "slow hands", "narc" and "evil". damn, they sound good. we just need someone to sing, thats where daniel comes in! but anyway, then on friday we went to daniels house and just hung out there for a while, when amanda went to visit which was really cool of her. then saturday, we played more music and afterward, amanda, gina, jon, cesar and i went to shogun's for some sushi and then to daniels to watch the miner game, but they lost. fuckin losers. but it was still a good night.

and as for school, its going very well right now, im getting some surprisingly good fuckin grades!! right on. and my classes are pretty interesting, i actually have to write a news story for my journalism class on teens going to juarez and drinking, lol. should be fun.

ooooooooohhh yea, and tomorrow, cesar and i leave for Austin, Texas!!!!! yes! im really excited cause on wednesday we get to see interpol!! should be awesome...again. but we also get to spend some time with our homies from A town! maybe we'll go to san antonio too, and just hang out there for one night. then thursday me and cease are driving to college station to pick Brad-O so he can kick it with us while were there. so that should be fun. lol, im taking my xbox so we can drink and play halo like the good old days. ah, we'll be there until sunday, which is a pretty long time. ah i cant wait!!! itll be fuckin cool. im gonna try to sneak my camera into the show so i can put some pics here of the show and of our trip too. the drive is gonna be hella long, hopefully itll go by quick. ah well, ill leave you all now. thats all i got. i hope everyone has a great week and i'll actually miss the EPT, i know i will. but ill be back soon!! hmm, let me think of a question... alrite, tell me what you want from austin and i'll try my hardest to get you it!! cause ill read my journal while im up there, so if you want something reasonable, ill get it...have fun...


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take my love in real small doses... [09 Feb 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | chipper?? ]

" so baby make it with me in preparation for tonight.
we've got so much to leave but that's not what makes this right.
we've been building up steam, oh ignited by this fight,
so do this thing with me instead of tying on a tight one tonight. " - -00 i nt erp ol 00- -

hi kids. well, i'm biggity bored, so i thought id fuckin update. everything is bloody good right now in life. i havent been this happy in sometime. february is going to be fuckin rad. first, there is valentine's day! how sweet. then on the 15th, it'll be one month for amanda and i. time flies when youre having fun! damn, i really dont know what the hell to write about in this entry. hmmm, this weekend should be fun, saturday i'm going to juarez for lily's birthday so that should be nice. i get to dress all spiffy! i think ill go tie and shirt shopping tomorrow. cause i always wear the same shirt and tie! lol. so i gotta change it up. let me see, as far as last weekend is concerned, well on friday i went to the eastwood girls basketball game. well, maybe not so much the game, as the halftime show and i barely made it on time! i'm badass. then we went to get some grub at the bar-b-q pit. it was mighty good, i hadnt been there in a long time. i should have gotten some keva juice! damn. and then saturday amanda helped me study for a sociology test. wow, how nice of her, huh?? lol, but i was having a hard time concentrating. but i ended up doing very well on the test, so that studying was well worth it. then i went to daniels house and we ordered pizza and watched the utep b-ball game. they finally won! those dirty bitches. so that was exciting. and sunday was of course super bowl sunday. it was good, we grilled some steaks, drank some drinks, it was fun. and i ended up 5 dollars richer, so that was good.
musically, weve started playing again. cesar got this dope guitar, an epiphone Les Paul for all those of you who know guitars. so we played and we learned leif erikson by interpol which is quite possibly my favorite song on the planet. lol, i know, i know, i have a new fav. song every week but i cant help it. i want to make music so bad! and as far as playing with arthur and dan, well we havent practiced since that first time but i hope we get to real soon. i guess everyone's schedule is pretty hectic. so i understand.
weeeeeeeell, i guess thats all i got. sorry this is lame, but i tried.
ok, trying the question of the night again (hopefully you guys will fuckin answer!!)...if you could have any valentine, famous or not, who would it be and why???

take care........bitches! haha

15 days til' interpol...sweeeeeeeeet....

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whoa oh sweet darlin' girl, i'm so glad that you found me. [31 Jan 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

over the ramparts you tossed, the scent of your skin and some foreign flowers, tied to a brick, sweet as a song, the years have been short and the days were long. cool of a temperate breeze from dark skies to wet grass. we fell in a field it seems now a thousand summers passed. when our kite lines first crossed we tied them into knots, and to finally fly apart we had to cut them off. -- The Shins

hello readers...well i'm back. but only by popular demand! so many people (3) asked for me to continue updating, so i will. there is a lot to update on now too, so im excited to see how this entry will turn out!!

well first off, the most exciting news that i can think of is that i got myself a girlfriend!! nice. dont ask how i did it, or why she said yes...cause i really dont know. just playing. well,to those who dont know, her name is amanda and she is quite the great girl and i thank my lucky stars every morning that she is my girlfriend. so id like to thank her right now for making my life all the more enjoyable! weve been together for a little over two weeks now and theyve been nothing short of amazing.

and thats really all ive been up to as of late, spending time with her. watching oc on thursdays!!
and miner basketball, lol. and cooking!! ive learned how to make lasagne! awesome. let me know if youre interested and ill cook you some. but i think the funnest thing weve done so far is go to desert to look at the stars! it didnt even matter that we couldnt get the telescope to work, it was still nice.

As for the other aspects of my life, well school is going mighty fine. I seem to be enjoying all my classes, especially philiosphy! it makes me think of some crazy shit. seriously. our final is to write a paper on whether we believe in God or not and why! i mean, thats interesting. and we also talk on why humans act and feel the way they do, or why they fall in love, and interesting things of that sort. so school is going very well right now. But i still cant wait for san antonio, but now, i dont think i would mind so much if the semester went by a little slower. im really enjoying life right now. so i guess there isnt an extreme rush to leave. but yea, me and jon are still excited about leaving.

and all my buddies are doing good too! it was jons birthday last week and we took him to juarez! that was a lot of fun. and daniels birthday is coming up in i believe 11 days from right now. and then we also get to go to austin. i get to see interpol again. that is so fuckin' awesome. we might even see them again the day after in houston. yea, me and cesar will be driving down to A town to party and visit our friends too. AHHH!! there is just so much to look forward to in february and im ultra excited. right on.

well, thats all i got for now. hope you all enjoy. and i guess ill put my journal back in my AIM
profile. but forget the questions!!! no one answers them anyway. ahh, bueno pues mijos y mijas, que tengan muy buenas noches.

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a broken branch i'd be, if you weren't grown to me... [04 Jan 2005|02:20am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

"think of what the past did, it could have lasted, so put it in your basket. i hope you know a strong man who can lend you hand, lowering my cakset. i thought this was just today and soon youd be returning. the coldest blue ocean water cannot stop my heart and mind from burning. everyone whos in the know says thats exactly how it goes. and if theres anything good about me...im the only who knows." - the white stripes

hi. well, its been a while since ive updated, before christmas even. well, the holidays have almost officially come to an end for me as i start school again next monday (1/10). and i hope everyone has had a joyous and safe holiday season. i cant believe its already past. fuck, that was too quick. and now its 2005. incredible. it feels like just yesterday that we were all worried about Y2K and now, its 5 years later!! times goes by way too fast, seriously. well anyway, let me try and update you on the things that have happened this break. first of all, my christmas was pretty good. all i really did was spend time with my family and eat. i ended up getting an xbox for christmas that im completely addicted to now. weve played halo god knows how many times this break. too bad i havent gotten any better. oh well. i also got cash flow, and this super dope t-shirt that says "mexico es para amantes", which translates into "mexico is for lovers!" lol, very nice. but aside from that, christmas was pretty much spent at home.
and then new years was a whole lotta fun. amanda, gina, cesar, roy, charley, melissa, jackie and i first went to arthurs house and stayed there for quite a while. i enjoyed the atmosphere and helped myself to a couple drinks. mostly baileys and milk....mmmmm. but i couldnt indulge too much since i was supposed to be the designated driver. but then jackie wanted to leave, so then we went to isaiahs house at around 11 and spent the rest of the night there, mostly sitting on the couch waiting for 12 00 to come. i still had a really good time tho, spent with amanda of course! :)
and then 12 00 rolled around and everyone went nuts. fun had by all. but fucking cesar was all picking fights with peeps for no reason! well, i guess there was a reason but still, theres no need man. fists dont solve problems! but had you gotten in a fight, i got your back man! even tho i probably cant fight. lol, you can still count on me.
let me see, what else. well last night was awesome too. i went to see "finding neverland". excellent movie let me tell you. it even made a cerain someone cry! :) but dont worry, i wont mention any names! but i highly recommend it, very good. then afterward, daniel, jon, roy, charley, ryan, brad, cesar, amanda and i went to get some sushi at shogun's. delicious. then of course, after that, came halo!!! lol.
right on.
i guess that kinda sums up my entire break, sorry to the readers of this. this entry is pretty lame. but i figured id give it a shot. other interesting, very interesting things actually transpired during this break but id rather not get into details about that here. if you really want to know, just IM me and ask and maybe ill tell you.
hmm, and for my question of the night....what are 5 things that you would like to accomplish in the year 2005??? go nuts.

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i said please don't slow me down, if i'm going too fast... [19 Dec 2004|11:33pm]
[ mood | im happy!!! ]

"its like learning a new language, it helps me catch up on my mime. if you dont bring up those lonely parts, this could be a good time. its like learning a new language. you come here to me, we'll collect those lonely parts and set them down. you come here to me..." -- interpol

well hello. i must start off by saying this weekend was one of the better ones i have had in a really, really, really, really long time. well, maybe not the entire weekend, but at least saturday. saturday, as you may or may not know, was my twentieth birthday!!! and what a birthday it was. not to overexaggerate, but this was quite possibly the best birthday of my 20 year life. it started off slow and uneventful, i just hung out at my cousins house for her baby's 1st birthday party. and then i went home to watch the 49ers play the redskins and i thought they would win for me for my birthday...but nope, they lost. but who cares? then at about 7 30 is when the nicest thing ANYONE has ever done for me got started. lol, ok let me start my story. before i start, i must say that all amanda did for me...i didnt deserve but was very glad she did it.
well she kidnaps me, lol, and then tells me i have to get blindfolded cause she obviously didnt want me to know where i was being taken. well, she ends up getting lost on the way to the location, which i thought was really funny cause i ended up blindfolded for a good half hour. oh yea, and before i forget, during the car ride, we listened to a cd with all of these songs that i love, so that was a plus. then after we drive for a while, the road starts to get really bumpy so i start to figure that we were in the desert and we come to a stop and i start to walk out, and sure enough i was walking all over sand, so i knew we were in the desert. but i still wasnt exactly sure of what her plans were. we walk for a short while before i can hear the cracking of a fire and someone took a picture of me blindfolded (gina!!). im gonna get you for that! well then i get the blindfold taken off my eyes and i see her truck bed with blankets and a candle and of course there was a huge bonfire. and amanda got her and i sushi, and we ate under the stars on her truck bed! awesome, huh? and then i was given a cake made of krispy kreme doughnuts with starburst all around it cause theyre my favorite candies. and we roasted marshmallows and just hung out for most of the night! that is by far the greatest thing anyone could do for me and i was way past cloud 9 for the rest of the night. :) and this is why this was my best birthday ever. i know thats a bold statement but its the truth! thanks amanda!!! :) lol.
and to make the night even better, later on during the night i got spend some time with friends that i hadnt seen in a long time. cesar got a hotel room for our birthday, cause it was his birthday too, so we just had friends over to hang out and catch up. which only made my birthday even better. and i thank everyone who went. so yea, im 20 now! im old, fucking old!
as for the rest of my weekend, on friday, i just spent pretty much all day in juarez with my parents, cause my dad wasnt going to be able to come down for my birthday and he wanted to spend time with me. it turned out being a lot of fun, we went to eat together, then we did some shopping and found the kings of leon cd that i had been looking for for at least 13 days now! who would have thought i would have found it in juarez. but i did. and then he treated me and my mom to a movie, its called "the clearing", it really sucked, but youd be surprised how nice the theaters were there. they had lazy boys for chairs and they had workers bring you your snacks! crazy stuff. and then we came back to the states and i was much too tired to do anything so i just stayed home.
and as for my first day of being 20, it was completely lazy and non-productive. i didnt do anything worth mentioning. so i wont. but we must play music tomorrow. oooo, and napoleon dynamite comes out on video on tuesday, luuuuucky! great movie.
and let me try to think of a question of the day....well, with the new year coming up, and me not knowing when ill update again, what are your new years resolutions??? any good ones?
oh yea, and then i also got my grades for this semester...and i ended up with two A's and two B's. which i am very happy with. i seriously have no idea how i managed an A in political science. some sort of higher being is watching over me, i know it. so that only increases my chances of leaving to san antonio next august. UTSA here i come!!! well, im done. good nite everyone.

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oh someday......now i ain't wastin' no more time!!!!!!!!!!!! [12 Dec 2004|02:01am]
[ mood | geeky and loving it ]

"silveretta the jets of a lifetime. go and get her, i got her mind. nothing better, the feeling is so fine. simply put i saw your love stream flow..."

this will be a brief update. this weekend, well it started out dull to say the least. but as it went on, it got exponetially better! well it started out with the end of the school semester, which can never be a bad thing. i swear, i just wanted to yell "fuck yes!" (pardon my french) as soon as i finished my last test, but i didnt want to scare anyone, so i held back. but it was a huge sigh of relief to finish even thought this semester went by incredibly fast. and if i had to guess...id say my grades are straight B's. but who cares about school! its useless, right? lol, well the rest of the weekend goes as follows.
friday, me, sepe, mari and jon ate at chilis and then to daniels house and left early. saturday i went to my lil' cousin birthday party and hung out with family. then, me, cesar, sepe, mari and jon went to go see the adam sandler flick, "spanglish". its very good, i really enjoyed it. the girl in it, paz vega, is quite beautiful. but thats not the only reason i liked it, it had plenty mexican culture that i could relate to, like having translate english to spanish for my parents!! i live that everyday. but yea, go see it. it gets two thumbs up from me. then, after the movie we went to daniels again! what a surprise, huh? bet you didnt see that coming. but this time was a lot more fun. gina, amanda, elsa and yvonne joined us this time and i sure had a very good time. i cant speak for eveyone else tho! but well, like i said, this was a short update.

this is a pic from way back in the day of the squares. photo credit goes to jasmine and shorty, thank you. im glad i have a pic of our band! ive been wanting to put one in my journal. except jon cant be seen. but he's there. trust me. and mari, i need the other ones you had taken of us cause i lost them when my computer was restored!!! thanks

p.s. does anyone know how to put pictures in my entries onto links and opposed to just showing them on my journal?? thanks again.

oh yea!!! and i forgot...i got accepted to utsa! yesssss. i very well could be leaving el paso next august. very exciting stuff. ok ok, really this time, im out!

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picture time [06 Dec 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

as you can see, im bored, so im just posting pictures i took like 9 years ago. ill take some new ones soon tho.

title or description
this is me, daniel and jonny in austin in daniel's old apt.
title or description
this is cesar last halloween
title or description
and this is just funny to me.

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